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More than 60 years of ERP know-how

Our team has more than 60 years of ERP know-how. The three founders of brixxbox have experience in software development, consulting, project management and sales. Together we have more than 60 years of experience in relation to designing and implementing comprehensive ERP projects. The idea to create a revolutionary platform by leveraging our extensive ERP experience is what brought us together. It didn’t make sense for us to represent any another ERP System in the market – we wanted to create something new.


Based upon the increasing size of an ERP System, the functionality becomes more complex and complicated as the number of modules and available data fields within the data structure increases. The increasing complexity during the advancing lifecycle of a classic ERP System, leads to high demand for training/consulting and only platform specialists are able to configure the system and install specific functions.

Also, as the structure of data gets more extensive, updates/upgrades become large, time consuming projects for the client.  We don’t want our clients, consultants and developers to be faced with the complexity of traditional ERP Systems. Based on this goal, in 2015, we began to develop a platform that would eliminate the disadvantages of a traditional ERP Project.


Through providing the brixxbox platform and our associated process consulting services, our goal is to provide a new approach for delivering ERP system implementations. Our offering applies to all companies who desire the implementation of a custom configurable platform in order to address their specific business requirements. We’ll be happy to consult with you.




Easily learn how to configure the brixxbox platform through collaboration between our consultants and your own IT team members

Leverage configuration instead of custom development.  Establish the structure for management of business and administrative processes by leveraging our efficient design


We supply flexible, comprehensive business applications


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The individual “Brixx” can be inter-related through business logic


Applications without “noise” incorporating only the fields and functions that are required for your processes

A truly powerful platform delivering standardized, custom configured software


The brixxbox platform can supersede or augment your existing software through configuration as opposed to custom development. The platform provides the flexibility to manage your operating environment as you desire as opposed to adapting to the constraints of your software. Furthermore, you don’t need development skills. The data storage and associated reporting (Business Intelligence) will be prepared and organized by brixxbox.


Brixxbox also provides the capability to integrate external systems and components (e. g. scales, scanners, label printers, etc.). For example, our current install base includes a producer that we supplied with both ERP interfaces and dynamic hardware communication (Industry 4.0). Other options include integrating with Business Process Management Modelling Tools (e. g. Visio).


At brixxbox, we provide our clients with everything from one source (Software, Process Consulting, Hardware, and Technical Services). Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are presenting companies with growing challenges in relation to the complexity and unpredictability of business processes. brixxbox is the solution to overcoming these challenges


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