Low Code - The end for the programming profession? Many myths persist around the topic of low code. For example, it is repeatedly claimed that low code is the end for the classic programmer. We asked someone who should know: Programmer Andreas Forger.
Many companies are increasingly turning to Citizen Developer to develop business applications. Learn all about it.
Create complex ERP systems easily yourself via low code? More and more companies are turning to the low-code business application platform brixxbox. The success story created in cooperation with Microsoft and exemplified by our partner GEBRA-IT shows: Low code-based application design works - and convinces.  
How does one go from being an employee of a standard software company to a pioneer in low-code business applications? Why were a large portion of courage and a lot of creativity decisive for professional success? And what does the US Airbase in Ramstein have to do with it? There were many curious stories on the way from the idea to the professional low code business application platform. Learn more in the founder story.

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