Easily design ERP systems yourself via low code: Success Story shows how it works

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Create complex ERP systems easily yourself via low code? More and more companies are turning to the low-code business application platform brixxbox. With the help of the smart framework, Citizen Developers are enabled to configure business applications completely without the involvement of external developers. It is based on preconfigured function modules that are provided via the platform. The success story developed in cooperation with Microsoft and exemplified by our partner GEBRA-IT shows that low-code-based application design works – and is convincing.  

Making IT projects more efficient and relaxed with the help of the low-code business application platform brixxbox – this is what GEBRA-IT and its team have made their mission since its founding. “At some point, we no longer felt like compromising,” says Udo Hensen, CEO at GEBRA-IT. “From the very beginning, we wanted to provide our customers with flexible ERP solutions that could be quickly adapted to new requirements and that fit exactly. For years we searched for a suitable software – and finally found it in brixxbox.”

Udo Hensen is convinced: “An important success factor is the fact that the brixxbox runs via the Microsoft Azure cloud. What can be done in Microsoft Azure with a mouse click would be much more time-consuming without the cloud. The fact that everything runs via servers in Germany is often decisive for our customers.”

Download the complete Success Story now (in German language).

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