Business Application Platform

Become a Process Designer!

brixxbox is the business application platform that adapts to your requirements, not vice versa.

Whether ERP, merchandise management system, CRM, supplementary software application or something completely different: the software modular principle of the brixxbox makes everything possible.

Simply configure your desired application yourself!

composing application devices

Design fully functional business applications with the brixxbox

With the brixxbox you can configure simple applications within minutes. Whether you need a simple application or a complex ERP system: With the application construction kit you can easily design your desired application yourself!

The brixxbox application kit is designed for simplicity. All functions can be used intuitively.

Even complex or highly individual processes can be mapped almost completely with the brixxbox application kit. Use the brixxbox to create applications that inspire!

Thanks to the intuitive functionality of the brixxbox application kit, you can get to your first, fully functional application in just a few minutes. With the brixxbox you can design your software with your own individual accents – no time-consuming coordination necessary!

The principle of simplicity also applies to the IT infrastructure: The brixxbox is a pure app cloud solution. No more worrying about hosting, maintenance and administration, just get started right away!

With the brixxbox you pay what you need! Scale easily and flexibly at any time via the dashboard and select your service package according to your individual requirements!

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With the Business Application Platform brixxbox you can easily design your business application yourself. No knowledgeof interface design is required.

Become your own Process Designerwith the brixxbox and configure convincing, powerful and user-friendly applications using ready-made brixxe (= building blocks) that will inspire you!

Create business applications easily, quickly and scalably.

brixxbox is the business application platform that adapts to your requirements, not vice versa.

Whether ERP system, merchandise management system, CRM or supplementary software application: The brixxbox software construction kit is highly scalable and suitable for every level of requirements.

Simply configure your desired application yourself.
With the brixxbox you are always fully flexible!

Faster to your destination

Configure your business applications according to your own ideas.

With the Business Application Platform brixxbox you can create applications that will inspire you!

Intuitive operation

With the brixxbox you create applications that will inspire you! Both during configuration and in the application itself: The brixxbox is designed for simplicity! Want to bet that the Business Application Platform will inspire you?

Intelligent Technology

Let the brixxbox inspire you! Create your own applications completely according to your wishes. Thanks to the intelligent building block system and app cloud solution, the brixxbox helps you reach your goal quickly and easily!


Platform Features

Configure self-adaptation of the software
Platform Features

Adaptable and expandable at any time:

With the unique modular principle of the brixxbox you can easily make adjustments yourself. Add or remove fields and functions in minutes

Complete flexibility:

As a web-based ERP system, with the brixxbox you benefit from high flexibility. Access the brixxbox easily and flexibly from any device, any browser and any operating system.

ERP implementation is time-saving
Platform Features

Faster introduction thanks to modular principle:

With the brixxbox, you benefit from faster implementation compared to classic ERP systems thanks to the intelligent modular principle and the underlying more efficient project workflow.

ERP system without updates
Platform Features

No updates/ upgrades necessary:

Continuous updates are possible through the use of the cloud – thus no action by the end user or Workspace Designer is necessary The software is always state of the art.

Cloud ERP System
Platform Features

brixxbox as a cloud solution:

Standard ERP cloud providers often have disadvantages such as integration problems and problems with automatic updates. With brixxbox, these issues are eliminated due to the unique modular system.

ERP interfaces
Platform Features

Very simple interface implementation:

With the brixxbox, interface implementation is no longer a problem. Simply configure all necessary interfaces to third-party systems yourself. Without cost- and time-intensive additional programming.

Create business apps easily, quickly and scalably.

Become a Process Designer and create business applications within minutes.