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What is a CRM? What is a CRM system?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It defines the strategy in order to systematically design relationships and interactions of an organization with consisting and potencial clients. Used in everyday speech, CRM ist often synonymous with CRM system. The CRM system’s purpose is to strategically and permanently optimize business relationships. It helps companies to stay in touch with their clients, to optimize their processes and to increase their profitability.

Functionalities of a CRM system

A classic CRM system strategically collects information on contacts with clients such as e-mails, telephone calls, social media profiles and further relevant information. It also enables you to save personal preferences of clients and further information which are important for the customer relationship. All data is clearly structured by the CRM system, so that you have an comprehensive overview on persons and companies in order to strategically improve the relationships.

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Classic functions of a CRM system

  • Management of enquiries and offers
  • Lead-Management
  • Sales force management
  • Creation and administration of customer profiles
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Marketing activities
  • Lead generation
  • Analysis of customer behaviour
  • Complaints processing
  • Customer Support & After-Sales-Service
  • service and resource planning including Route planning
  • Contact management via e-mail, telephone, fax
  • Supply of information on mobile devices for sales representatives
  • Activity management e.g. appointment reminder, follow-up
  • Document management
  • Reporting and controlling in all fields
  • Knowledge-bases databases
  • Data exchange between internal and external data

Essential success factors for a CRM system


The CRM software should be able to always be easily adjusted to different tasks.

Mobile usage

In the selection of a CRM system you should pay attention on choosing a web based system, which can easily be started from various mobile devices.


Adjustments on the CRM systems - whether a rising amount of users or more functionalities - should easily be possible without any costs.

Simple interface connection

It should be possible to implement a CRM system in a consisting IT infrastructure without any problems. Interfaces to any other external system should easily be implemented.


The growing globalisation should be considered when choosing a CRM system. A modern CRM offers multilingual possibilities and technical opportunities for country-specific characteristics.

Modern web based interfaces

An attractive design and an intuitive user guidance contribute to a high acceptance of the system.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance such as corrections and optimization of functionalities should easily be possible at any time.

CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) with brixxbox - more than standard software

The brixxbox can completely fulfill all above-named success factors.

With the brixxbox CRM system you effectively cultivate customer relationships, optimize your processes and increase your profitability.

What’s special? Thanks to the unique modular system the software adjusts to your individual requirements, not conversely.

Always have all relevant information in sight and mind thanks to customizable dashboards and strategically optimize your business. The software adjusts to your individual requirements perfectly.

Ultimately, you can simply adjust the software and the dashboards with miminum effort at all times.

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