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Task and importance of ERP systems

ERP is the abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning or business resource planning. Business management software solutions are ERP systems; they are used to plan, control and manage business processes in the functions of a company. Operational resources such as capital, personnel, operating resources, material and information and communication technology are controlled and managed in the best possible way with ERP systems. ERP systems are used in a wide variety of business areas. Part of the requirement of an ERP system is that it should represent the company as a whole in an integrative manner, both in the cross-divisional basic functions and in the specialist departments or functional areas. Ideally, workflows are optimized, which reduces time, costs and effort.

ERP system providers offer various solutions. A primary distinction is made between standard ERP systems and individual software, each of which naturally has a number of advantages and disadvantages. brixxbox as ERP software combines the best of the worlds of standard ERP systems and individual software.

Advantages and disadvantages of standard ERP software

With standard ERP systems, you buy a ready-made solution that is generally used in a wide variety of industries and maps the standard functions in a company. The main advantages are faster availability of the ERP system and, in contrast to individual software, somewhat lower costs. Due to their universal application (different industries, different company sizes), standard systems can usually only be individually adapted with a lot of effortand corresponding additional costs. In addition, they generally only cover about 80-85 % of business processes on average; acceptance among employees is therefore low.

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Advantages and disadvantages of individual software

With individual software, the ERP system is programmed in detail according to your operational requirements. You are in control of how the ERP solution should look like and can thus ensure that all necessary functions are included and all business processes are mapped. The main disadvantages are comparativelyhigh programming costs, a longer programming time, high costs for additional programming and a difficult integration into the IT infrastructure.

What makes Brixxbox different from other ERP system providers?

The flexible ERP system brixxbox is based on a completely new, unprecedented building block principle. The disadvantages of a classic ERP system are eliminated and the advantages of standard ERP solutions and individual programming are combined.

The result:a revolutionary, easy to use, flexible ERP system.

Due to its unique basic principle of “configuration instead of programming”, it is able to completely map almost all business processes. Compared to conventional ERP systems and individual programming it is immediately available and can be integrated quickly. Depending on the scope, adjustments can be made in minutes and easily directly by the employee with the appropriate rights; it is no longer necessary to hire IT specialists. Another major advantage is that the ERP is always up-to-date: expensive and time-consuming updates or upgrades are no longer necessary, since all changes can be made directly on the system itself or with the help of a consultant. The flexibility of the ERP software is also reflected in its universal applicability: The web-based ERP system runs flawlessly on every device, in every operating system and every browser. The high individuality of the software in combination with the high flexibility also ensures a high level of satisfaction among the company’s employees.

Create business applications easily, quickly and scalably.

brixxbox is the low code platform that adapts to your requirements, not vice versa.

Whether ERP system, merchandise management system, CRM or supplementary software application: The brixxbox software construction kit is highly scalable and suitable for every level of requirements.

Simply configure your desired application yourself.
With the brixxbox you are always fully flexible!


Further application possibilities for brixxbox

Due to its unique basic principle “configuration instead of programming”, the software brixxbox is able to map all requirements that are based on business logic. For this reason, brixxbox can not only be used as an ERP system, but is also suitable for many other application areas:

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