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What is Merchandise Management and what is a Merchandise Management System?

Merchandise Management is referred to as the economic handling of all material goods in a company. The aim of structuring goods movement is to make sure all needed goods are available at the right time with the right quantity. Merchandise management should therefore be designed so that the aim is reached with costs as low as possible. A merchandise management system, MMS, is an IT application system. The term “Merchandise Management system” describes the quantative and valued illustration and control of the flow of goods in a trading company. Thereby, many business divisions work with the merchandise management system.

The merchandise management system brixxbox noticeably controls, optimizes and automates your business processes. Benefit from a more transparent flow of goods and a better overview with full control of all goods movements.

The brixxbox-Plus: Thanks to an intelligent modular principle, the software system enables you to completely adjust the merchandise management system according to your wishes. With brixxbox software you completely control your merchandise management with high flexibility and simplicity!

Functions of a merchandise management system (MMS)

The MMS supports all trading processes starting from purchase over warehouse management up to sales.

The following functions are supported as standard normally:

Here, we are dealing with goods handling processes such as unloading, storing, picking, transport, etc.

In these processes there is no physical contact with goods, but they are triggered by goods handling processes such as orders, commissions, delivery notes and more.

This functional area forms the valuable operational changes of all goods handling and dispatching processes. Purchase prices and selling prices get involved.

The data collected during all processes are analysed and are then available for the company’s control level. Typically, new insights enter into the price and assortment policy and into the warehouse management.

Typically, merchandise management systems contain interfaces to other systems and divisions, for which the goods movements are relevant. For example, there are interfaces to finance management, controlling, sales offices and online shops, to production planning and control, to cash register systems and more.

With brixxbox you can easily realize interfaces of any kind, whether to software of machines.

Merchandise management processing
Merchandise management

Distinction of Merchandise Management Systems (MMS) and ERP systems (ERP)

Although the terms Merchandise Management and Enterprise Resource Planning are often used synonymously in colloquial speech, they are quite different in their origins.

Traditional systems in merchandise management primarily concentrate on material flow. On the contrary, ERP systems consider the resource planning as a whole.

Thus, merchandise management is strictly speaking a section of ERP and focuses on tasks such as purchasing, needs assessment, logistics, warehouse and warehouse management and transport.

Additionally, ERP software also has a view on resources such as capital and human resources with the aim to use them as efficient as possible. But the transition between merchandise management systems and ERP systems is increasingly fluid.

Whether an extensive ERP solution, a merchandise management system or single solutions such as a warehouse management system or CRM: The building block system brixxbox allows a simple and flexible coverage of all individual business processes.

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Merchandise management with brixxbox - more than standard software

The merchandise management system controls, optimizes and automates your business processes, so that you always have your company’s goods movements in view and mind. Das Besondere: Die Software passt sich dank einzigartigem Baukasten-System Ihren individuellen Anforderungen an, nicht umgekehrt.

Ob die Verwaltung mehrerer Lager, eine anspruchsvolle Lagerverwaltung, ein komplizierter Retouren-Prozess, die Organisation mehrerer Mandanten oder ein unternehmenseigener Sprachgebrauch: Die Software bietet Ihnen eine einfache und flexible Möglichkeit, Ihre Unternehmensprozesse einfach und flexibel mit nur einem System abzubilden. Und zwar so, dass Sie die Prozesse in Ihrem Unternehmen auch zukünftig sauber und skalierbar anpassen können.

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