Meat factory Central Meat Processing Plant

Meat Factory Central Meat Processing Plant US-Airbase Ramstein
Higher productivity & more efficient picking process

If used correctly, ERP systems can help to make company processes leaner and more efficient.
The Central Meat Processing Plant at the NATO Airbase in Ramstein processes and ships meat products to more than 270 shopping centers in the economic area Europe-Arabia-Africa to supply US soldiers, embassy and consulate employees and their families. It belongs to the Defense Commissary Agency and is therefore part of the US government. The requirements were correspondingly high when the search for a suitable ERP solution began in 2017.

The Brixxbox-Solutions Partner Gebra-IT GmbH & Co. KG offered an individual all-round concept and used the brixxbox toolbox to map the comprehensive requirements of the meat processing plant.

The requirements for the ERP system

In addition to the complete coverage of all business processes without unnecessary additional programming, it was most important to the decision-makers that the new solution be easy and flexible to adapt in order to be optimally prepared for the future challenges in times of digitization and Industry 4.0. Another special challenge was the bi-directional integration of the fully automatic BIZERBA weighing and labeling machines for price labeling and the connection to the BIZERBA industrial scales. The company was therefore looking for a software solution that, on the one hand, is capable of meeting the complex requirements of the meat plant and, on the other hand, is easy to use in the application itself.

The new ERP system was to do the following:

  • Order entry via webshop with the possibility to enter special requests/special orders for end customers
  • Planning of production and packaging based on customer orders and stock levels
  • Dispositive purchase planning for raw materials and packaging materials
  • Bi-Directional integration of the fully automatic BIZERBA weighing and labelling machines including connected X-ray devices (price labelling)
  • Connection of BIZERBA industrial scales for pallet, carton and package weighing
  • Goods receipt, inventory and picking via handheld computer with integrated barcode scanners

Reasons for choosing the brixxbox

  • Future-oriented and flexible alignment of the software
  • Complete coverage of all business processes with maximum simplicity/ flexibility
  • Integration of the system into the military network taking into account the extensive and strict security requirements of the US Army
  • Provision of all BIZERBA industrial machines
  • Provision of the complete hardware and software, etc.:
    • High availability server system
    • Handheld Scanner Solutions
    • webshop

First successes at the meat plant: more efficient processes, high acceptance among employees

The brixxbox solution has been in use since May 2019. The brixxbox is based on the principle of “configuring instead of programming” and thanks to a unique modular system is able to completely map the company processes “brick by brick” without unnecessary additional programming. Only the blocks that are really needed are used. “Functional corpses” are thus a thing of the past. User acceptance is also an important key factor for the success of the brixxbox: users can actively contribute their wishes and requirements during the configuration phase. The employees in the meat plant like to work with the system because it adapts to their requirements – not the other way around. A positive side effect is that processes now run much more efficiently.

The results in detail:

  • Management has direct access to evaluations where previously documents had to be processed, checked and distributed by e-mail/print.
  • Island systems, especially manually maintained Excel lists, were integrated into the system.
  • High acceptance through active involvement of the operators in the detail development by incorporating wishes/ideas
  • Integration of department managers and foremen in the use of the system
  • Representation regulations easier, as the system is almost self-explanatory after a short introduction
  • picking process much more performant and efficient than before
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