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The initial situation:
Have the courage to dare something new

The business processes in medium-sized companies are becoming increasingly complex. New solutions are needed to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. BPV GmbH from Unna also recognized this and decided to implement the innovative ERP system brixxbox. Today, the company is certain: the decision for the brixxbox was an important milestone for the future viability of the Unna-based company.

The history of the medium-sized telecommunications service provider BPV GmbH is impressive: started in 2013 with three employees, the company now has 80 employees and annual sales of around 15.5 million euros. Over the years, the service company from Unna has developed into the market leader in the field of mobile communications and an all-round service provider for well-known major companies such as the automotive supplier HELLA GmbH & Co. and the insurance group Provinzial NordWest.

An important factor in the company’s success is its corporate philosophy: having the courage to dare something new. “Standstill means regression. We have the ambition to constantly develop as a modern and agile company and to offer our customers and partners a consistently high standard of service,” says Hardy Pesch, Managing Director of BPV GmbH. “This also includes automating internal company processes – where possible and right. The introduction of an ERP system is an important step for us to ensure the future viability of the company”.

The requirements for the ERP system

The requirements for the ERP system were clearly defined: BPV GmbH has many customers with individual support standards and a correspondingly high administrative effort. The ERP system should be able to fully meet all individual requirements. In addition, it should be easy to use and adapt. “In times of digitalization, we must be able to react quickly to new market requirements. Only in this way can we act in a sustainable manner.” Many standard solutions did not meet these requirements: too rigid, too inflexible.

The new ERP system was to do the following:

  • Cloud-based ERP system
  • Multi-client capability
  • Conformity across operating systems
  • complete mapping of the workflow
  • Document Management
  • Warehouse management (several warehouses)
  • Bidirectional interface connection
  • Interface friendliness, e.g. DHL, customers
  • Integration Banking
  • Time recording
  • Commission assignment
  • Reporting
  • Special feature: many customers with individual support standards and high administrative costs in combination with high service orientation

Brixxbox Partner Gebra-IT GmbH & Co. KG offered an individual all-round concept and used the brixxbox toolbox to map the comprehensive requirements of the telecommunications service provider.

Reasons for choosing the brixxbox

  • Future-oriented and flexible alignment of the software
  • Coverage of all business processes with maximum simplicity/ flexibility
  • Illustration of all individual requirements possible without problems
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy adaptation thanks to the modular design principle
  • There is no comparable system on the market with so many possibilities for co-design
  • High acceptance by members thanks to active involvement – Conformity across operating systems and devices

First successes of BPV GmbH: high employee acceptance, more capacities free

“We are now able to manage everything centrally via the brixxbox. Our customers benefit from even better, more individualized support and our employees are happy. The brixxbox also makes their work much easier thanks to the cross-operator and cross-device conformity. Of course, the economic aspect is also not to be ignored: With the existing capacities we can now handle more orders,” says Hardy Pesch, Managing Director.

The results in detail:

  • Homogenization of the system landscape: Reduction of the systems used
  • No double entry
  • Integration of all data leads to faster information via dashboards and evaluations
  • Error avoidance
  • High customer loyalty through individual process adaptation
  • No interruption of productive operation
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Greater efficiency: More orders with existing capacities

Appeal to managing director: Be courageous!

Hardy Pesch has advice for managing directors who are faced with the decision to introduce an ERP system: “Many entrepreneurs are afraid of a high cost apparatus, an endlessly long introduction process and an unsatisfactory result. But in times of digitalization, isn’t it even riskier to leave everything as it is instead of daring to try something new? I believe we need to be even bolder as entrepreneurs today if we want to survive in the market in the long term. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Learn more about BPV GmbH.

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