Classical phases of ERP implementation – a lengthy process?

An ERP implementation is often a lengthy process. Before a selected ERP program can go live, some important steps must be taken. This includes, among other things, the creation of a meaningful requirement specification, the creation of a functional specification and the installation of a test system.

The implementation period is different for each company. Among other things, the complexity of the business processes, individual requirements and the intensity of the implementing company’s involvement, commitment and cooperation have an influence on the duration of the ERP system implementation.

With classic standard ERP systems, however, the extent of the required adjustments to the standard system has a particularly significant influence. The more individual adjustments are required for which additional programming is necessary, the longer the process of ERP implementation takes.

The reason: If a function important to the customer is not available, a very time-consuming process is started which can significantly prolong the introduction of the software:


Classical process in the absence of a necessary function in standard ERP systems

  • The customer notices the missing function and informs the consultant.
  • The consultant creates a concept, which is then reviewed by the product management.
  • If product management approves the request, an account manager checks the cost transfer.
  • After approval by the account manager, the development department plans the necessary resources and the timely implementation.
  • After completion of the development, the consultant checks the created functions together with the customer.


In the best case, the function meets the customer’s requirements. If not, this tedious process starts again. The costs for any additional developments must be paid.

With brixxbox and its modular system, the desired result is achieved faster and more cost-effectively: ERP implementation made easy

brixxbox is the software solution that adapts to your individual requirements – not the other way around. The brixxbox software is based on a completely new, unprecedented modular principle. Brick by brick, your specifications are quickly and easily configured rather than programmed. The result: A software with exactly the functions you need.

The special: The configuration is carried out directly in cooperation between the customer and the consultant – the above mentioned time and cost intensive intermediate steps are completely eliminated. By combining the brixxbox modules, consultants and customers can jointly design lean and appropriate processes efficiently – without involving project management, an account manager or development. In this way you remain independent and flexible at all times.

This efficient project process enables a significantly faster and more cost-effective ERP implementation in contrast to classic standard ERP systems, while simultaneously increasing process coverage and user acceptance.

Learn more about the Business Application Platform brixxbox.

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