Configure ERP system yourself; make adjustments independently

In times of digitalization and automation, the ability to adapt quickly to transformational business processes and changing business requirements is the key to success and an important competitive advantage. Companies should not only pay attention to changing their strategy and culture; their business software must also be able to quickly and easily map emerging requirements.

Reasons why ERP software and business software should be flexible and customizable

Business models change

Companies should not have to restrict the way they offer their products and services because of an inflexible system. An inflexible, rigid software that does not support dynamic business processes such as new revenue models can seriously endanger the positive development of a company. No company wants to be bound to rigid business models due to its outdated business software. Another important aspect: The world is constantly changing. With a modern ERP system you are prepared for the future.

The digital transformation is in full swing

ERP software or business software must be continuously adapted and extended in the course of digitalization and in connection with the introduction of new technologies. When selecting the appropriate software, the necessary flexibility and scalability of the software should already be considered in order to be prepared for future requirements in the course of digitization.

Mobility becomes a matter of course

As a matter of course, we now access data on the road via smartphone or other device. The ability to perform everyday business activities on the road is a real advantage. Companies should take care to make relevant company data and processes as mobile as possible and update data based on real-time transactions.

The advantages of cloud software solutions now outweigh

The special feature of cloud solutions is mainly the fact that the support of business processes is very flexible. As a user, you have direct access to all relevant data and important information at any time and from anywhere, which can significantly simplify the entire project handling in the company.

The modular principle of the brixxbox allows the configuration of a simple, highly flexible business software according to your individual needs

Pure standard software solutions are often too rigid. This usually becomes noticeable when the market changes, the company develops or a rigid standard ERP system is introduced. Adaptations in the specially programmed individual software can also usually only be implemented with a considerable expenditure of time and money.

The brixxbox software construction kit is based on the principle of “configuration instead of programming” and combines the advantages of the worlds of “standard software” and “individual software”.

Using pre-configured building blocks, business applications can be easily assembled according to individual requirements – brick on brick.

Any conceivable business process can be easily mapped with the help of the brixxbox toolbox – without any programming effort. Whether a complex ERP system, a clearly arranged CRM or a small application for your problem: Configure your desired application easily and quickly with the brixxbox.

Any necessary adjustments can also be made easily and in minutes: Fields and functions can be easily added or removed in minutes. Expensive and time-consuming additional programming is a thing of the past with the brixxbox. The system is therefore highly scalable.

This is how flexible the brixxbox is based on the modular principle

Simple configuration of the desired application

Verwenden Sie schon bei der Konfiguration nur die Felder und Funktionen, die Sie wirklich benötigen – ganz ohne Programmierung

Simply make adjustments yourself

Easily remove or add fields and functions in minutes.

Always highly scalable

Stay open for new business models or other corporate changes with the brixxbox.

Flexible also in the application itself

Whether a complex ERP system, clearly arranged CRM or a simple application to solve a special problem: Configure the application according to your needs.

Saving costs & effort

You simply make any adjustments yourself. The involvement of IT specialists, programmers or the software provider is not necessary.

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