Updates and upgrades of ERP systems – a necessary evil?

Everybody knows it: Several times a year you are confronted with patches, service releases or version jumps that are supposed to bring the existing ERP system or another software application up to date. These updates or upgrades are intended to improve the performance of the system, correct errors or install required additional functions. In practice, updates are often neglected – too often the installation leads to unwanted problems.

However, having an up-to-date system is important for every economically operating company:

– An enterprise software should always be able to map the business processes 100% – this also applies to future challenges or possibly new business areas. This is not always guaranteed.

– Legally, software should also always be up-to-date. Whether it is the introduction of new banking functions, new tax laws or the DSGVO, an ERP system, as the central link in data management in a company, must meet the latest legal requirements.

– Software develops rapidly. An up-to-date ERP system or business software ensures your competitiveness.

But how do you ensure that the software is always up-to-date without having to deal with updates or upgrades?

Updates and upgrades are a thing of the past with brixxbox

In contrast to classic software providers, Brixxbox follows the novel principle of “configuration instead of programming”. The brixxbox is based on a modular system with which all business applications – whether a comprehensive ERP system, clear CRM or smaller applications – can be implemented individually and easily.

A special feature: Updates are continuously installed by Brixxbox on the web servers – thus no action by end users or Workspace Designer is necessary.

Thanks to the modular system, the software is always up to date: fields and functions can be easily added or removed independently – without involving a programmer. New legal requirements, new business areas or other changing circumstances can also be easily and quickly entered or adapted in the system.

The brixxbox is ready to solve your requirements!

Learn more about the Business Application Platform brixxbox.

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