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Processes away from the standard? Expressly desired at GEBRA-IT!

Once the decision for a new ERP software has been made, the difficult search for a suitable solution begins. Countless solutions promise to be the right one. Especially companies with special requirements beyond the standard quickly come to the realization: Finding the right system to map all business processes is not that easy. For GEBRA-IT, however, IT projects with more individual software requirements are explicitly welcome. Many companies know this: The decision has been made to introduce a new ERP system. The market is sounded out; different ERP providers are invited to present their solutions.

GEBRA-Suit: Flexible and future-proof enterprise software

An essential prerequisite for a successfully digitally positioned company is, besides an appropriate IT infrastructure, especially the enterprise software. However, many companies today often find themselves dependent on a manufacturer when it comes to standard software: new technologies can often only be integrated after consultation with the software provider. It is not uncommon for the software provider not to support all devices and, as a result, the best technology cannot be used and a compromise must be found at the expense of ergonomics. Hybrid solutions could be used as an alternative, but these are often

Digitization places new demands on enterprise software

Hückelhoven, 12.02.2021 In the course of the digital transformation, many companies have to ask themselves whether their business software is up to the new requirements. After all, digitization also means speed, scalability and, above all, flexibility. That’s why more and more companies are turning to business applications built on low-code platforms. Since the 1980s, systems that were primarily implemented with 4GL languages have dominated: The primary goals were to reduce development effort and improve maintenance options by separating the programs and their flow logic from the user interface data compared to the “former” 3GL languages.

First steps in application development with brixxbox

Hückelhoven, 09.02.2021 With the low code platform brixxbox, business applications can be created easily and quickly. But how is this possible? Find out why getting started with application development is so easy with brixxbox. In source code-based classical programming, the business logic is created by primarily writing the programming code manually, which requires extensive training. The respective syntax must be learned before the actual work can begin – similar to the need to learn “vocabulary” when learning a new language. Only when this hurdle has been mastered can fields and variables then be declared and

Low Code Platform brixxbox: With Drag & Drop to the First ERP Business Application

Hückelhoven, 03.02.2021 The low code platform brixxbox offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability in application development. Compared to classic application development, the low code platform enables a much faster achievement of goals – not least because of the underlying drag & drop principle. The first application can be created quickly and easily with the application construction kit.  Low code platforms are the future. Many experts agree on this. In the development of business applications, too, low-code platforms offer a multitude of advantages over traditional programming. Especially for “beginners” in this area is the fact

Extensive functionalities for maximum flexibility

Hückelhoven, 28.01.2021 The low code platform brixxbox offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability in application development. This is also reflected in the extensive functionalities of the brixxbox. While fields, variables, and relationships have to be regularly redefined in classic programming and individual features even have to be hardcoded again, predefined fields and functions can be easily reused with the Low Code Platform. The disadvantages of classic programming are well known by now: With classic programming, the effort required to achieve the goal is not only significantly higher than is the case with application

Profile instead of standard: As an IT consultant, creating individual solutions that convince

Hückelhoven, 22.01.2021 The IT consulting market is highly competitive. There are countless consultants offering comparable services: Whether it’s help with software selection, analysis of the IT landscape, or external project management – standing out clearly in this competition as an independent IT consultant is not easy. The Low Code Platform brixxbox offers the opportunity to distinguish oneself through one’s own, individual solutions. With the Low Code Platform brixxbox, IT consultants rely on a highly flexible and powerful software tool that can be used to create completely individual solutions of their own as well as solutions

brixxbox: Sustainably increase software and service sales as an IT company

Hückelhoven, 19.01.2021 Endless feature requests, time-consuming updates, inflexible software systems – these are just a few of the challenges that IT companies face when implementing IT projects. For years, the IT industry has been experiencing enormous cut-throat competition with numerous comparable solutions – it is very difficult for IT service providers to stand out from the crowd. Low code platforms show innovative and more effective ways to do this. With the Low Code Platform brixxbox, IT service providers rely on a unique, flexible and innovative software tool for optimizing and supplementing existing solutions or expanding

Low Code Platform brixxbox: Flexible Application Possibilities

Hückelhoven, 15.01.2021 The low code platform brixxbox offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability in application development. The application construction kit is ideally suited for the digitization of business processes. The following examples show how extensive the possibilities are. Low code platforms are particularly well suited for companies that want to be flexible, future-proof and scalable at all times. Instead of source code-based classic programming, in which all business logic is created by writing programming code manually, low-code developers rely on development platforms that enable the creation of many tasks, algorithms, logics, settings and,


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