Flexibly increase sales as an IT consulting company

Flexibly increase sales

IT consulting companies regularly support their customers in all matters relating to IT infrastructure and software landscapes. Additional revenues are often generated through commission models with software companies. However, the revenue opportunities are not really scalable. The low-code platform brixxbox, on the other hand, can be a useful addition for any IT consulting company to sustainably increase sales.

With classic partner contracts with software companies, the revenue opportunities for IT consulting firms are severely limited. Depending on the partner model, they only receive a (“tip”) commission, and in some cases even the necessary consulting services are provided by the software supplier. The additional sales effort within the framework of these partnerships rarely pays off, especially due to lengthy feature requests and necessary consultations.

Finally increase sales flexibly with the low code platform

Low-code platforms such as the brixxbox raise the topic of enterprise software to a completely new level and enable companies to position themselves with their software products and services in a sustainable, flexible, and scalable manner within a short period of time. Low-code platforms can be understood as successors to the 4GL languages: Requirements are implemented significantly faster and more cost-effectively with the help of graphical modeling methods.
The low-code platform brixxbox is based on the principle of “configuring instead of programming” and thus enables the IT consultant to implement the IT project directly with the customer – without involving a programmer. Thanks to the building block principle, all processes can be mapped and highly customized, making additional programming and frustration a thing of the past. The high degree of flexibility is also reflected in the billing model: Compared to many classic partner models, the revenue opportunities for IT consulting firms are great: With the exception of the actual brixxbox licenses (in the amount of 30% of the end customer license, 70% remains for brixxbox partners), revenues from consulting, training and configuration flow completely to the partner. Especially exciting: The smart pricing model is scalable at any time.

Are you interested in trying out the brixxbox? Feel free to contact us – we’ll be happy to show you the possibilities in a demonstration.

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