GEBRA-Suit: Flexible and future-proof enterprise software

An essential prerequisite for a successfully digitally positioned company is, besides an appropriate IT infrastructure, especially the enterprise software. However, many companies today often find themselves dependent on a manufacturer when it comes to standard software: new technologies can often only be integrated after consultation with the software provider.

It is not uncommon for the software provider not to support all devices and, as a result, the best technology cannot be used and a compromise must be found at the expense of ergonomics. Hybrid solutions could be used as an alternative, but these are often rejected by both sides for liability reasons.
Companies that want to position themselves for the long-term future in times of digitalization are therefore increasingly relying on enterprise software that is open, free, flexible and scalable.

With the help of the low-code platform brixxbox, GEBRA-IT has developed the GEBRA-Suit software for mapping all business software requirements. It includes the following sub-areas:

  • ERP
  • CRM/ SCM
  •  BDE/MDE integration
  • MES/CIM integration
  • DMS/ EDI/ BI

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GEBRA-Suit offers customers smart applications that can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Whenever standard software no longer meets the company-specific requirements, the advantages of individual software really come into play. The highlight: Due to the low-code technology, proven processes can be reused, combined and supplemented as desired and supported by any peripherals. The customer receives a 100% scalable software, which is exactly tailored to the individual wishes and requirements of the company. The implementation effort is also usually significantly lower compared to standard providers or individual solutions. Thanks to the low code approach, adaptations can be implemented quickly and easily by the customer or directly with the GEBRA-IT consultant. No time-consuming and costly updates or upgrades are necessary.

Of course, interested parties have the opportunity to view existing solutions created with the help of the GEBRA-Suit prior to any cooperation. Different segments of the software can be presented flexibly on site at the reference company, in an online demo and of course at the prospective customer’s premises.
Thanks to the high flexibility the GEBRA-Suit software can be used in many different industries. Of course, individual processes, such as in the area of purchasing, vary from industry to industry. A classic example of an industry-specific process is batch management in the food or chemical sector – a car dealer, for example, does not need this process. Here, too, GEBRA-IT can demonstrate in a very short time using the GEBRA-Suit that the integration of industry-specific process steps in the main processes is also possible at any time.

Learn more about the GEBRA-Suit solution.

Learn more about how Brixxbox helps IT companies to increise their software and service revenue!

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