How the low code platform brixxbox grows with startups

Hückelhoven, 07.12.2020 Young founders are faced with many groundbreaking strategic decisions at the beginning of their entrepreneurship. One of them is the choice of the right business software. The problem: Many standard software applications are too complex and expensive or far too rigid, especially at the beginning. The low code platform brixxbox is based on high flexibility and scalability – and simply grows with the needs of start-ups and young companies.

The choice of business software is certainly not an easy one for start-ups, as there are now several solutions available. But which is the right one for your own company? The decision should be well considered, because the choice of business software is definitely a strategic one: according to statistics, software is in use for up to ten years before it is replaced. In addition to classic factors such as the range of functions and costs, topics such as a high degree of individualization, flexibility and, above all, scalability are decisive, especially for start-ups and young companies.

Customizability, flexibility and scalability – the most important factors in choosing the right business software for startups

brixxbox konfiguration low code startups

In times of global markets, start-ups and small businesses have to face not only much broader competition, but also the increasingly demanding requirements of their customers. Agility, flexibility and adaptability are required to meet the expectations of the customer of today and tomorrow and to achieve stable growth in the long term.

A modern business software for start-ups should therefore be at least as agile as the company itself: In the best case, the software is precisely tailored to the individual processes of the company, can be adapted quickly and flexibly and can be expanded at any time. The low code platform brixxbox is a good way for startups to map individual business processes in a scalable and flexible way.

brixxbox easily grows with the requirements of the start-up

With the brixxbox, startups can digitize any business process quickly and easily. The basic principle is: configuration instead of programming. Every user can put together his individual business software on a cloud basis. Adjustments can be made within minutes; additional functionalities can be easily added independently without additional programming. This saves a lot of valuable resources such as time and money.

The special thing: No matter what planned or unplanned changes occur – the software always adapts to the individual requirements of the company. For example, a startup can start with a small CRM and successively develop the software further. Everything is possible with the brixxbox, up to a complex ERP system with several languages and integration/communication with process peripherals and subsystems.

Test phase: Test brixxbox 30 days free of charge

The procedure thereby is very easy: prospective customers can register themselves for the Low code platform brixxbox under and start directly with the configuration of the first application. Videos and extensive documentation provide support during the first configuration phase. Those who do not want to start “blank” have the option of selecting a desired application from a series of templates and thus start directly.

Directly to registration:

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