Low Code Platform brixxbox: Advantages of Low Code Development

Hückelhoven, 12.01.2021   According to a recent study, 65% of app development activities will be based on low code by 2024. Reason enough for IT departments, IT system houses and freelancers to take a closer look at the topic of low code. The advantages of low-code development are obvious.

More and more companies are turning to future-proof business software. It must be cloud-based, flexible and scalable. Many companies now rely on low-code platforms for application development.

This is because the effort required to achieve the goal with classic programming is not only significantly higher than is the case with application development using low-code platforms. With classic, source code-based software programming, extensive prior knowledge is also required – whether in terms of application development, data management or control. Because this form of classic application development involves programming, compiling and installing, a lengthy, nerve-racking and costly process is often necessary as soon as adaptations of any kind are required.

Low code: A real alternative

Low code platforms are a very good alternative for companies that want to be flexible, future-proof and scalable at all times. But what actually makes a low code platform? Instead of source code-based classic programming, where all business logic is created by writing programming code manually, low-code developers rely on development platforms that enable the creation of many tasks, algorithms, logics, settings and, of course, designs with a graphical user interface. Smaller business applications can thus be configured quickly and easily with little training time, even without much prior knowledge; as knowledge increases, even complex processes can be easily mapped in a kind of modular system.

What many people do not know: Although many low-code platforms allow business applications to be created relatively quickly and easily with the help of graphical support in the form of a visual user interface, the business applications created by many low-code providers still have to be installed and maintained in the “classic” way. Adjustments to the installed business application must be made again in the form of a time-consuming update/upgrade.

brixxbox konfiguration low code startups

Low code platform brixxbox takes a different approach: High flexibility at any time

The low-code platform brixxbox follows a completely different approach: Companies can not only rely on the above-mentioned advantages of low-code development, but are also able to create online or cloud applications with the low-code platform brixxbox and, above all, flexibly adapt them at any time. Where a time-consuming update or upgrade is necessary with business applications from other low-code providers, adjustments can be made easily within a few minutes, even during operation. A real added value on all levels.

Interested parties can register for the low code platform brixxbox free of charge at any time and test the brixxbox 30 days free of charge: https://app.brixxbox.net/account/register

Learn more about the Low Code Platform from brixxbox.

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