Low Code Platform brixxbox: Flexible Application Possibilities

Hückelhoven, 15.01.2021 The low code platform brixxbox offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability in application development. The application construction kit is ideally suited for the digitization of business processes. The following examples show how extensive the possibilities are.

Low code platforms are particularly well suited for companies that want to be flexible, future-proof and scalable at all times. Instead of source code-based classic programming, in which all business logic is created by writing programming code manually, low-code developers rely on development platforms that enable the creation of many tasks, algorithms, logics, settings and, of course, designs with a graphical user interface. Smaller business applications can thus be configured quickly and easily with little training time, even without a great deal of prior knowledge; as knowledge increases, even complex processes can be easily mapped.

Flexible at any time with the low code platform brixxbox

The low-code platform brixxbox is predestined for flexible application development. Business applications of any requirement level can be created quickly and easily with the intuitive visual user interface. The high level of flexibility is especially evident in maintenance: Where other low code platforms require intervention in the existing installation in order to make adjustments, the brixxbox allows changes to be made easily within a few minutes during operation.

brixxbox: Way ahead in the digitization of business processes

The possibilities in the digitization of business processes are limitless with the brixxbox: Whether the mapping of all goods movements and monetary transactions in a closed system in the form of an ERP system, the realization of supplements that are not included in every ERP (e.g. CRM, MES, SCM) or the digitization of individual processes to an existing system with interfaces/data exchange – the brixxbox is the right solution for every individual requirement, no matter how complex.

The connection of process technology (scales, scanners, price labeling, MDE/BDE devices, etc.) is just as possible as the integration of sub-systems and third-party systems (e.g. FIBU/BI), an EDI integration, the connection to transport logistics (DHL/UPS), and the addition of any interfaces.

The applications created with the brixxbox can take on the character of a standard solution (by configuring dependencies and parameters), but can also be used as an individual solution by implementing a basic solution that can then be customized for each customer.

Extensive support for the first application creation with the low code platform brixxbox is provided to Process Designers in the form of video tutorials, comprehensive documentation and a set of pre-configured application templates. The templates can either be used directly or serve as an idea/template for your own individual applications. Functions can be added or adapted quickly and easily via the modern user interface.

Interested parties can register for the low code platform brixxbox at any time free of charge and test the brixxbox 30 days free of charge: https://app.brixxbox.net/account/register

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