Low code platform brixxbox: The key to more service revenue for IT service providers

Measurably more growth, higher customer satisfaction, flexible process design

Hückelhoven, 10.12.2020 IT projects are always individual and range from lean solutions with manageable effort to highly complex requirements with uncertain outcome. Many existing software solutions quickly reach their limits, especially with more individual requirements – nerve-racking adjustments or time-consuming additional programming are often the result. For Sven Lüttgens, CEO of the IT service provider GEBRA-IT GmbH & Co. KG, the future for IT consulting firms lies in low code platforms like the brixxbox.

Never-ending feature requests, time-consuming updates, inflexible software systems – these are just a few of the challenges IT service providers face when implementing IT projects. “There has to be a way to be more relaxed”, thought Sven Lüttgens, CEO at GEBRA-IT GmbH & Co.KG, 3 years ago and started looking for a modern, flexible and scalable software solution, which he finally found with brixxbox. Today he looks back gratefully on the groundbreaking decision: “With brixxbox, IT projects are finally fun again. When I first worked with the brixxbox, I couldn’t believe how easy it is to create apps and set up processes. No matter what our customers’ requirements are: With the brixxbox we can fulfill all wishes! The project implementation is now simply ultra relaxed”.

sven-luettgens_gebra-it it service providers
Sven Lüttgens, CEO at GEBRA-IT GmbH & Co. KG: “With brixxbox IT projects are fun again!”

Less stress, enthusiastic customers, more time for the essential things

The low code platform brixxbox is based on the principle of “configuration instead of programming” and thus enables the IT consultant to implement the IT project directly with the customer – without having to involve a programmer. Thanks to the modular principle, all processes can be mapped and highly customized, making additional programming and frustration a thing of the past. For Sven Lüttgens, the low code platform brixxbox meets the ravages of time: “With the brixxbox, I can finally act freely and flexibly as an IT consultant. Even highly complex ERP systems with communication with process peripherals and subsystems can be implemented with the brixxbox in a relaxed manner. Finally, I no longer need to be afraid of not being able to meet my customer’s wishes”.

The success of using the brixxbox is not only reflected in GEBRA-IT’s higher satisfaction: The customers are also enthusiastic. Only recently, Lüttgens received an e-mail from a customer with a screenshot. On it, a message from an employee with the words “Have I already mentioned that I love brixxbox?” Such experiences confirm Sven Lüttgens: “The brixxbox enables me to turn an IT project into ‘my baby’. It’s nice when that reaches the user.”

Of course, the use of the brixxbox also pays off economically for the consulting company. Since the projects can be implemented more quickly, Sven finally has more time for new projects and other important things that would otherwise fall by the wayside. The support volume has also been reduced significantly: “Because we implement the system directly with the customer and the result exactly meets the requirements, there are hardly ever any queries. What I personally appreciate most: Updates to the platform never affect the customer’s processes – support due to changed processes that no longer work is completely eliminated. After go-live, support basically only concerns the customer’s expansion requests, who become really creative in the process of joint configuration and enjoy the many possibilities of the brixxbox. This in turn is of course also economically exciting, as this in turn generates additional consulting revenue”.

Become a partner: IT service providers take their business to the next level with brixxbox

GEBRA-IT is Brixxbox Solutions Partner and benefits from a number of advantages: In addition to complete access to existing marketing material to address customers in a targeted manner, the IT service provider has the possibility to communicate directly with the business departments at any time via a personalized team channel. Customized links can be used to individualize the solutions for the customer. Other points such as OEM branding, public cloud, azure access, public links and a Brixxbox Solutions email account complement the benefits for Brixxbox Solutions partners.

Sven Lüttgens is convinced: “The low code platform brixxbox is the future of IT projects. IT service providers should take the chance now and differentiate themselves from their competitors in an innovative and modern way”.

More about the partner program of brixxbox: https://brixxbox.net/en/brixxbox-partner/

More about GEBRA-IT: https://gebra-it.de/


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