Low Code Platform brixxbox: Useful software addition for every IT department

brixxbox_ A sensible addition to any IT department

In the course of the digital transformation, many companies have to ask themselves whether their enterprise software is up to the new requirements. Because: Especially in larger companies, there is often a heterogeneous software landscape. Especially for IT departments, the low-code platform brixxbox can be a useful tool with which processes can be digitized flexibly and independently.

Digitization is a complex process in large companies: If cross-location processes are added to the usually heterogeneous IT landscape, the effort increases even more. Many systems have interfaces, but the IT department usually has only limited possibilities to “lend a hand” itself. In most cases, external support or consultants must be called in to map the processes in the highly complex system. Especially peripheral processes such as maintenance management, CRM or mobile applications can often only be digitized with difficulty or at great expense.

brixxbox as the perfect complement for heterogeneous system landscapes

Low-code platforms such as the brixxbox raise the topic of enterprise software to a completely new level and enable companies to set up their enterprise software in a future-proof, flexible, and scalable manner within a short period of time. Low-code platforms can be understood as successors to the 4GL languages: Requirements are implemented significantly faster and more cost-effectively with the help of graphical modeling methods.

In addition to simplicity, the focus of future-proof enterprise software is above all on flexibility and scalability. Here, too, low-code platforms can score points: Any business processes can be mapped with low-code systems and – if desired – adapted by any employee within a few minutes; new functionalities can be added easily and flexibly at any time. Existing systems can be supplemented at will without duplicate data storage if a complete change is not immediately an option for certain reasons, and thus represent a perfect addition even for heterogeneous system landscapes. But also the cloud capability and almost unlimited integration possibilities make enterprise software based on low code a real alternative.

The low-code platform brixxbox is based on the principle of “configuring instead of programming” and thus enables the IT manager or IT consultant to implement the IT project directly – without involving a programmer. Thanks to the modular principle, all processes can be mapped and highly customized, making additional programming and frustration a thing of the past. The high degree of flexibility is also reflected in the billing model: Compared to other systems, payment is variable according to the number of users and the scope of the process.

Would you like to try out the brixxbox? Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to show you the possibilities.

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