Low Code Platform brixxbox: With Drag & Drop to the First ERP Business Application

Hückelhoven, 03.02.2021 The low code platform brixxbox offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability in application development. Compared to classic application development, the low code platform enables a much faster achievement of goals – not least because of the underlying drag & drop principle. The first application can be created quickly and easily with the application construction kit. 

Low code platforms are the future. Many experts agree on this. In the development of business applications, too, low-code platforms offer a multitude of advantages over traditional programming. Especially for “beginners” in this area is the fact that simple business applications can be created relatively quickly and easily, especially with regard to master data entry programs such as address management or appointment management, even with little basic knowledge, thanks to the graphical support. The highlight: Using drag & drop, any fields can be compiled and linked to a database – the scope of which can be defined at any time. In order to take the first steps with brixxbox, basic Excel knowledge and a basic understanding of tables and formulas (e.g. if-then formula) are sufficient.

Step by step to the first application with the Application Designer

Business applications of any requirement level can be created quickly and easily with the intuitive visual user interface. The key: at any point in time, the Process Designer has various preview options and can see how the changes will affect the application during configuration. The configuration is implemented using so-called brixxes. Each brixx, i.e. a field with predefined functions, has extensive setting options that the user can influence on the interface without any programming knowledge. In addition to the size and design of the field, the respective responsive properties can also be influenced directly on the interface. Even the checking of certain input formats (e.g. IBAN) can be easily switched on or off. In classic environments, the effort is significantly greater and almost impossible as a beginner. Linking individual apps is also possible without any existing programming knowledge. For example, an address management can very easily be linked with an associated contact person management as well as the respective contact data. Other features such as archiving can be added as desired.

The advantages of this approach are clear: Applications created with the brixxbox are not only completed faster; where other low-code platforms require intervention in the existing installation in order to make adjustments, the brixxbox allows changes to be made simply at any time within a few minutes during operation. Of course, all changes are versioned, so that the previous state can be restored at any time. More flexibility in application development is not possible!

Support for application development with the Low Code Platform

Extensive support for the first application development with the Low Code Platform brixxbox is provided to Process Designers in the form of video tutorials, comprehensive documentation and a number of preconfigured application templates. The templates can either be used directly or serve as an idea/template for your own individual applications. Functions can be added or adapted quickly and easily via the modern user interface.

Interested parties can register for the low code platform brixxbox at any time free of charge and test the brixxbox 30 days free of charge: https://app.brixxbox.net/account/register

Learn more about the Low Code Platform brixxbox.

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