Processes away from the standard? Expressly desired at GEBRA-IT!

Once the decision for a new ERP software has been made, the difficult search for a suitable solution begins. Countless solutions promise to be the right one. Especially companies with special requirements beyond the standard quickly come to the realization: Finding the right system to map all business processes is not that easy. For GEBRA-IT, however, IT projects with more individual software requirements are explicitly welcome.

Many companies know this: The decision has been made to introduce a new ERP system. The market is sounded out; different ERP providers are invited to present their solutions. This is regularly followed by expensive and extensive proof-of-phases. Sometimes this is done with 2-3 vendors in parallel. The reason: standard providers have to try to find customers who stay as close to the standard as possible so that the costs do not explode during implementation. Again and again, we hear from companies that report the following problem: At the beginning of the collaboration, providers promise a perfect-fit mapping of the processes – which turns out to be false in the course of the project. Many studies show: Only half of all IT projects lead to a satisfactory result.

Standard providers deliver standard – everything else is expensive

But why is that? The majority of standard ERP providers have an outdated software landscape. There is a standard that allows certain settings to be made. If it doesn’t fit, adjustments always have to be made. And adjustments are expensive. Customers who are far from the standard therefore always have to pay standard providers for enormous expenses for special programming with an uncertain outcome. Another disadvantage: IT projects with standard systems often lead to severe restrictions in day-to-day business. Moreover, many customer requirements demanded today can hardly be realized with standard systems, or sub-solutions are used, for example:

– Responsive -> Mobile, Tablet, Scanner & Co.
– mobility
– cloud

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Brixxbox Solutions-Partner GEBRA-IT offers flexible software solutions for individual processes

GEBRA-IT therefore follows a completely different approach and relies on the future-proof, flexible and highly scalable enterprise software GEBRA-Suit. The solution is based on the low code platform brixxbox and is an exciting solution especially for companies with highly individual processes. The software can be used just as well for standard processes as for particularly complex processes.

GEBRA-Suit offers companies with more specialized requirements smart applications that can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Whenever standard software no longer meets company-specific requirements, the advantages of customized software really come into play. Proven processes can be reused, combined and supplemented as required and supported by any peripherals. The customer receives a 100% scalable software, which is exactly tailored to the individual wishes and requirements of the company. In addition, the implementation effort is usually significantly lower compared to standard providers or individual solutions. Thanks to the low code approach, adaptations can be implemented quickly and easily by the customer or directly with the GEBRA-IT consultant. No time-consuming and costly updates or upgrades are necessary.

You want to learn more about the GEBRA-Suit and get to know the various application possibilities in a live demonstration? Feel free to contact GEBRA-IT.

Learn more about the low code platform brixxbox.


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