Digital logbook: Template

For whom is the template “Digital logbook” suitable?

The template “Digital Driver’s Logbook” is suitable for companies of all kinds that use company vehicles. With the template, company vehicles can be digitally managed, the respective trips can be documented with all details and evaluated if required.

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What makes the template “Digital logbook” from brixxbox so special?

With the “brixxbox” cloud software, companies can digitize processes quickly and easily. Due to the underlying modular principle, necessary adjustments and extensions can be made in the software at any time at the request of the management or other employees in order to process additional data in the system.

In practice, the template could for example be used by:

  • Freelancers

to digitally manage the existing company vehicle, to document the respective trips with all data and to evaluate them if required.

Adjustments in the system in no way affect the productive operation of the software in the respective company. The provided templates serve as configuration examples. Different approaches will be illustrated. After the import, the templates can be supplemented as desired, or used as templates for own applications or entire systems.

Learn more about the digital logbook: Definition, background & benefits.

Register with brixxbox and test the template “Digital Logbook” directly for 90 days free of charge.

Range of functions

Contact management

Contact person management with the associated contact details


Filing and digitization of documents and files from customers and interested parties

Archiving (DMS)

Archiving and digitization of documents and files (DMS)


Archiving of any documents and files

Article management

Article management


Enter and document the order

Data management

Automatic data management

Accompanying person

Create accompanying persons


Description of the files


Evaluate visits


Create visitors (partners, customers or other guests)

Reason for visit

Define reason for visit (e.g. customer visit)

Visiting hours

Create visiting hours

CRM data

Scheduling (e.g. per month, week), appointment monitoring and appointment documentation as well as assignment of relevant contacts

CRM Workflows

Creation of reminders and follow-ups (e.g. in two months) for certain contacts

Main and subgroups

Definition of main and subgroups

Documentation of the driver

Documentation of the driver, the registration number

Address relevant features

Documentation of address-relevant features

Customer inquiries

Documentation of customer inquiries

Capture / Recording

Recording of the daily working hours and breaks of the respective employees

Recording the kilometers

Recording of the kilometers at the start and at the end of the journey as well as determination of the kilometers driven

Discounts per order

Recording and control of discounts per order


Capture of tickets


Creation of project-relevant reminders and assignment of individual employees

phone book

Integrated phone book with search function


Employee management with the associated contact details

Mobile (cloud)

Access to all data possible anywhere and with any device (cloud)


Tracking of tickets through unique numbering

App (Tablet)

Can be used as an app for tablets

App (mobile phone)

Can be used as a mobile phone app


Detailed description and documentation of the projects and the respective phases


Documentation of vacation requests and status management of the respective employees


Definition of responsibility within the projects and sub-projects

Price management

Price management


Creation and description of projects and associated sub-projects

Monitor projects

Monitor projects

All address data

All address data

Documentation of permits

Documentation of permits

Manage the status of the job

Manage the status of the job

Search function in the archive system

Search function in the archive system

phone book

based on the contact details


Differentiation between business and private trips with regard to taxation


Text templates can be created


Assignment of projects to customers or other addresses

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