Project management: Template

For whom is the template “Project Management” suitable?

The template “Project Management” is suitable for companies of all kinds who want to run a professional project management. With the template, projects can be professionally organized and evaluated.

Register with brixxbox and test template “Project Management” directly for 90 days free of charge.

project management brixxbox template

What makes the “Project Management” template from brixxbox so special?

With the “brixxbox” cloud software, companies can digitize processes quickly and easily. Due to the underlying modular principle, necessary adjustments and extensions can be made in the software at any time at the request of the management or other employees in order to process additional data in the system.

In practice, this project management application could be used for example by:

  • Consulting companies
  • Freelancers
  • and small companies

to create and manage projects. In addition to master data management, advanced functions are also included to visualize the possible use and linking of master data and to derive a realistic practical reference to support management and other departments.

Adjustments in the system in no way affect the productive operation of the software in the respective company. The provided templates serve as configuration examples. Different approaches will be illustrated. After the import, the templates can be supplemented as desired, or used as templates for own applications or entire systems.

Learn more about project management: Definition, background, benefits.

Register with brixxbox and test template “Project Management” directly for 90 days free of charge.

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