Why brixxbox? | Advantages and Benefits

Configuration instead of programming

brixxbox is theunique revolution in the field of business software. The software is based on a software construction kit with which business applications can be put together in a customized way. Advantages and benefits result from a completely new approach:

The basic principle of the brixxbox is configuration instead of programming.

This makes the brixxbox solution highly flexible, simple, scalable and effective. Any business problem can be solved with the brixxbox quickly and easily.

Whether used as complex ERP software with strongly networked processes or as supplementary business software that is designed to solve a specific problem:

The brixxbox is the right solution for every industry, every company size and every business problem.

Overview of advantages and benefits of the brixxbox:

Precise mapping of your individual business processes

All in one: Complete process coverage

Simply configure your desired application with the toolbox

Only the fields and functions you need

Easily make adjustments yourself - without additional programming effort

Easily scalable: simply add your desired functions

brixxbox is simply revolutionary different!

There are several standard software solutions for all company sizes and industries on the market. Whether ERP, merchandise management systems, CRM or supplementary software applications: Standard applications are usually designed in such a way that they can be used for all industries and company sizes. The software solutions often come with a wealth of functions and setting options, which must then be adjusted by an IT specialist as required.

The brixxbox Business Application Platform combines the advantages of standard and individual software and eliminates the classic disadvantages:

  • Only the fields and functions that are needed; no unnecessary ballast
  • Very easy maintenance: simply add or remove functions and fields at any time instead of time-consuming maintenance
  • Hardly any training or consulting requirements for more complex software solutions
  • With the brixxbox always up to date instead of regular, costly updates and upgrades
  • Simple setup and operation: IT-affine solution users operate the brixxbox intuitively

The Business Application Platform brixxbox is based on a completely new, unprecedented building block principle. You can configure your desired application easily and quickly yourself, instead of having it programmed with a lot of effort. The result: An application with exactly the functions you need.

5 good reasons for brixxbox


Whether ERP, merchandise management system, CRM or supplementary software application: brixxbox is a software solution that adapts to your requirements, not vice versa. With brixxbox everything is possible.


Business software has never been so easy! Whether user guidance, interface realization or automatic multilingualism - the functions of the brixxbox are all designed for simplicity!


With brixxbox you are always ready for change. Simply add or remove fields and functions in minutes. So you are prepared for every change and always up to date.


With brixxbox you save time and money. The brixxbox is quickly ready for use; updates/upgrades or costly additional programming are a thing of the past thanks to the unique modular principle!


The brixxbox complies with all strict German data protection guidelines and holds the "Software Made in Germany" seal of approval.

Create business applications easily, quickly and scalably.

brixxbox is the business application platform that adapts to your requirements, not vice versa.

Whether ERP system, merchandise management system, CRM or supplementary software application: The brixxbox software construction kit is highly scalable and suitable for every level of requirements.

Simply configure your desired application yourself.
With the brixxbox you are always fully flexible!