Preliminary order entry online – pick up offline

Preliminary order entry with the brixxbox for stores, branches, retailers, gastronomy, caterers & Co.

Whether ROPO (research online, purchase offline) or showrooming: digitization is changing consumer behavior significantly – in both directions: In-store purchases are prepared on the Internet and vice versa. According to a current study about 87 percent inform themselves online about products, in order to then buy or order them in the store.

Interesting: About half of the respondents, namely 48 percent, appreciate the advantage of being able to take a desired product with them immediately. Another 42 percent want to negotiate discounts or special offers directly in the store.

Retailers, stores, branches, gastronomy, caterers & Co. can take advantage of this trend with the app “Preliminary order entry” from Brixxbox.
Brixxbox’s software application “Order Pre-Recording” is a simple, cost-effective and quickly integrable solution for retailers, stores, branches, gastronomy & Co. with direct customer contact, who want to optimize their order processes and make pick-up on site easier.

The software application “Preliminary order entry” is designed to make the entire ordering and pickup process significantly more efficient and easier for your customers. The application enables your customers to pre-order their desired articles online and then pick them up later in the store.

The advantages of the “Preliminary order entry” app

  • Easy integration: The application can be easily and quickly integrated into your website.
  • Quick selection of products via filter functions: Your customers can select from a wide range of products online via their smartphone, tablet or PC/notebook and order directly.
  • Questions about products can be integrated directly
  • Time saving for you and your customers in advance: time-consuming telephone pre-orders are no longer necessary.
  • Pre-orders always in view: Let us show you the current pre-orders clearly arranged.
  • Time savings for you and your customers in the store: In the best case, you have already prepared your customer’s order when picking it up. Your customers spend as little time as possible in the store – leaving more time to process further orders.

Other important functions of the brixxbox app “Preliminary order entry”

  • Printing of orders in the desired store or centrally in the store
  • Integration of promotions, alternative articles and spontaneous offers from the stores controlled.
  • If an ERP or merchandise management system exists: no double article data maintenance. Article data is taken directly from the article master of the existing system.
  • Pre-orders can be imported directly as orders into an existing ERP / merchandise management system if a corresponding interface exists.
  • Further comfort functions can be integrated: “This article also fits…”, “Customers also ordered…”, “My last purchase…
  • Integrated DSGVO functions protect personal data, deleting them either directly after the order has been executed, after corresponding inactivity on the part of the customer or again at the customer’s request.

The brixxbox adapts to your requirements, not vice versa

brixxbox is the unique revolution in the field of business software. The software is based on a software construction kit that allows you to build 100% customized business applications.

The basic principle here is: configuration instead of programming.

The brixxbox solution is therefore highly flexible, simple, scalable and effective. Any business problem can be solved quickly and easily with the brixxbox.
Whether as complex ERP software with highly networked processes or as complementary business software designed to solve a specific problem:

The brixxbox is the right solution for every industry, every company size and every business problem.

Learn more about the brixxbox.

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